New website / what happens next ?

New website

After a long time with absolutely no content the website has been finally updated !

But sadly in the process everything that was here previously was lost 🙁

What happened ? nothing fancy really, I had to take a job a few years back and did not have time or money to spend on this website.
I stopped paying for the server, briefly self hosted a copy on my personal computer, and finally had to close this one too for security reason (having a WordPress installation opened on Internet on a personal computer is not a good idea)

So since I was still paying for this domain, and I had a small web-hosting included with it, I have decided to put a simple WordPress installation on it :

  • Clean interface
  • Limited static information (less to update)
  • And keeping the dev blog

What about Alien Blitz ?

Alien Blitz is still up and available on Steam ! It is a completed game, so don’t expect any update from now on.

In the end it cost me a lot more to make this game than I gained from the sales.

I made a lot of errors while developing Alien Blitz, way too much than can be described in a blog post 🙂

But I am still pleased to have developed my own engine, and that I managed to produce and publish a game.

The price has been greatly reduced if you want to take a look !

What happens next ?

I have a full time job now and not that much time to spend on making video games, but I still want to.
I have a few ideas of games, but I am currently mainly working on a game that will use an updated version of the Alien Blitz engine.

I can’t and won’t promise anything, any date, … I am working on new games when I have some free time, and I will keep you updated (mainly on the dev blog) when I have something to share !