Steam deck, light effects

Steam deck

For a future game I want to use the Steam Deck as a reference for the minimum performance specs. I would like for the game to run at stable 60fps on it, and without hearing the fan (so limiting watts).

Best case scenario would be 60 fps in high graphics mode, but even in medium/low would be acceptable.

When I first tried running my last improvements to lights (see previous post) at first I was getting only 40fps, but after just a few optimization it is now much better.

Even with a lot of effect on screen the game only uses about 5 watts on CPU, and 3 watts on GPU, so the fan should not trigger, and a stable 60 fps is possible

The great things about the Steam deck is that it allows me to test on AMD GPU since my computer is on an Nvidia GPU. So both manufacturers can be tested.

Light effects

I tried a few effects that where not possible before, those are just quick tests far from perfect, but it makes me happy to be able to implement that.

The radius slowly changes, simulating a fire
A flickering effect, could be used to simulate a faulty light
A turning light, for example for a warning light